Reports / Templates

T 01.00.a[2018-12-31]Liability structure - outstanding amount
T 01.00.b[2018-12-31]Liability structure - carrying amount
T 02.00.a[2018-12-31]Own funds - regulatory requirements excluding leverage ratio
T 02.00.b[2018-12-31]Own funds - leverage ratio requirement
T 03.01[2018-12-31]Intragroup liabilities
T 03.02[2018-12-31]Intragroup guarantees - received
T 03.03[2018-12-31]Intragroup guarantees - provided
T 04.00[2018-12-31]Securities (including CET1, AT1 & Tier 2 instruments; excluding intragroup)
T 05.00[2018-12-31]Deposits, not covered and not preferential (term deposits with residual maturity > 1 year, excluding intragroup)
T 06.00[2018-12-31]Financial liabilities (not included in other tabs, excluding intragroup)
T 07.00[2018-12-31]Derivatives
T 08.00[2018-12-31]Secured finance, excluding intragroup
T 99.00[2018-12-31]Identification of entities and other reporting details
Z 01.00[2018-12-31]Organisational structure (R-ORG)
Z 02.00[2018-12-31]Liability structure (R-LIAB)
Z 03.00[2018-12-31]Own funds requirements (R-OWN)
Z 04.00[2018-12-31]Intragroup financial interconnections (R-IFC)
Z 05.01[2018-12-31]Major liability counterparties (R-MCP 1)
Z 05.02[2018-12-31]Major off-balance sheet counterparties (R-MCP 2)
Z 06.00[2018-12-31]Deposit insurance (R-DIS)
Z 07.01[2018-12-31]Criticality assessment of economic functions (R-FUNC 1)
Z 07.02[2018-12-31]Mapping of critical functions by legal entity (R-FUNC 2)
Z 07.03[2018-12-31]Mapping of core business lines to legal entities (R-FUNC 3)
Z 07.04[2018-12-31]Mapping of critical functions to core business lines (R-FUNC 4)
Z 08.00[2018-12-31]Critical services (R-SERV)
Z 09.00[2018-12-31]FMI services - providers and users - mapping to critical functions (R-FMI 1)
Z 10.01[2018-12-31]Critical Information systems (general information) (R-CIS 1)
Z 10.02[2018-12-31]Mapping of Information Systems (R-CIS 2)