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Derivatives Purchased/Sold

For derivatives, it indicates whether the reporting institution has sold or purchased them.
Main category - Specifies the nature of the item reported (i.e. answers the question: what is reported?). For financial instruments, defines the instrument (e.g. deposits, debt securities issued...) or range of instruments reported. It should be defined for each data point.

Members of this dimension

x123 - Derivatives. Sold (Reports:C 33.00.b; F 10.00; F 11.01; F 11.02; )

Reports using this dimension

C 33.00.bGeneral governments exposures by country of the counterparty and regulatory approach (Gov)
F 10.00Derivatives: Trading
F 11.01Derivatives - Hedge accounting: Breakdown by type of risk and type of hedge
F 11.02Derivatives - Hedge accounting under National GAAP: Breakdown by type of risk