R 02.00.a - Information on remuneration of identified staff (I)

MB Supervisory functionMB Management functionInvestment bankingRetail bankingAsset managementCorporate functionsIndependent control functionsAll other
0010Members (Headcount)
0020Number of identified staff in FTE
0040Total fixed remuneration (in EUR)
0050Of which: fixed in cash
0060Of which: fixed in shares and share-linked instruments
0070Of which: fixed in other types instruments
0080Total variable remuneration (in EUR)
0090Of which: variable in cash
0100Of which: variable in shares and sharelinked instruments
0110Of which: variable in other types instruments
0120Total amount of variable remuneration awarded in year N which has been deferred (in EUR)
0130Of which: deferred variable in cash in year N
0140Of which: deferred variable in shares and share-linked instruments in year N
0150Of which: deferred variable in other types of instruments in year N
0160 - Additional information regarding the amount of total variable remuneration
0170Article 450 h(iii)CRR total amount of outstanding deferred variable remuneration awarded in previous periods and not in year N (in EUR)
0180Total amount of explicit ex post performance adjustment applied in year N for previously awarded remuneration (in EUR)
0190Number of beneficiaries of guaranteed variable remuneration (new sign-on payments)
0200Total amount of guaranteed variable remuneration (new sign -on payments) (in EUR)
0210Number of beneficiaries of severance payments
0220Total amount of severance payments paid in year N (in EUR)
0230Article 450 h(v) Highest severance payment to a single person (in EUR)
0240Number of beneficiaries of contributions to discretionary pension benefits in year N
0250Total amount of contributions to discretionary pension benefits (in EUR) in year N
0260Total amount of variable remuneration awarded for multi-year periods under programmes which are not revolved annually (in EUR)